Sponsor a Llama

Sponsorship is a great way to get more personally involved with a llama that needs your help. Perhaps you aren't ready or able to take a llama home, but one of them has already stolen your heart. Or maybe you just like to have a bit more say about where your donation dollars are spent.

At the SWLR Sanctuary, we have several llamas who are not yet ready for adoption because of health or other issues. In some cases, a llama may be considered "special needs," requiring additional time in the facility or needing medications or other treatments.

You can help! Your donation can be earmarked for any of these llamas and will contribute directly to the care of that animal. You'll also receive an "autographed" picture and a Sponsorship Certificate for your llama, and we'll let you know about "your" llama's progress.

Contact baxter if you need more information.

View the llamas in need of a sponsor

Sponsorship Options

Remember! Your donation may be tax-deductible!

Choice of sponsorship levels:
- Hay Helper ($30/month)
- Llama Llover ($75/month per llama)
- Barn Buddy ($100/month)
- Or choose any amount that works for you-- as a monthly donation or for one time only

Payment options:
- A one-time donation for a specific llama.
- Regular monthly donations sent directly from your bank, as an automated payment.
- A "Gift Llama" at a monthly or one-time dollar amount.
A certificate and picture will be sent to the recipient you name. Makes a great and unusual gift or prize.