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June 2018

6/1/18  A woman in California wants to rescue 2 to 3 llamas and another in Texas is looking for a llama to guard against coyotes.

6/9  A woman in Texas wants to learn about fostering for SWLR

6/10  A couple who adopted 2 mother-daughter pairs are looking for 2 more to replace the 2 oldest who have died.

6/10 baxter's neighbor has offered the use of her 4 acres of pasture for SWLR's use.

6/23  baxter reported that transports are on hold.  The California llama has evaded volunteers but it is still in progress. Also, the Colorado llama that is loose and one more loose llama in New Mexico are on hold or in progress. The Texas llamas on the large property have yet to be caught. The alpacas have a home lined up and transport is being arranged hopefully. The 3 old female llamas in southwest Colorado will be transported once the weather is cooperating.  There has been an offer to help with llamas in California. Also, I have two homes waiting for llamas near here (for guard llamas) which I don't have right now. The injured cria that came here is all healed & still nursing.  Lynda reported that the New Mexico llama has been rehomed.

6/23  Nina Pedersen says the California llama is still thriving in the wilderness though grass and water may soon be in short supply while predators are looking for food.  Nina also has lots of contacts from people looking for guard llamas.  (Baxter says the California llama she referenced was one of a  pair and the other has been caught.  Is this the evasive one?)

6/23  Karen Conyngham of SCLA has offered to send 3 halters/leads to anyone if needed. baxter will have her send them to her if no one speaks up quickly.  Susi Huelsmeyer-Sinay of Yellowstone Llamas also has a few halters to donate.

6/24  Lynda has 2 15-year old geldings, Carlos and Sombra, arriving shortly and who will be needing a home.  A family has scheduled a visit to decide on adoption.  The man surrendering the llamas also donated two original Sopris pack saddles, some blankets to wrap llamas in for cold weather and electric clippers that Lynda will hang on to.  His 2-horse trailer is for sale for $2500.

6/26  A woman in Colorado is looking for a guard llama to replace hers who was recently injured.

6/26  Lynda contacted a man who wants some llamas in New Mexico.
          She tried to help a woman in Los Lunas whose cria was attacked during birth.  Vet care interrupted bonding and the cria has died despite Lynda's offers to visit to help.
          A woman who had asked for Lynda's help in placing 2 geldings reported that they have gone to a good home and will learn to be packers.
          A man who had applied for llamas has found a herd on his own and is not needing our assistance.

6/26 Stewart Wild reports that Noname and Cuzco are doing well though Cuzco still needs his own pen.