How to Build a Chute

A functioning chute, aside from being a huge help, is also a requirement of adoption. It's not too difficult to build your own


Build your chute inside a barn or shelter so it can be used anytime. It protects your chute and you in bad weather especially rain, wind and hot sun.

  1. Dig four holes, 18 inches deep, for posts .
    - Front posts are spaced 14 inches apart (inside diameter).
    - Back posts are spaced 26 inches apart (inside diameter).
    - Front posts to back posts is 53 inches (inside diameter)

  2. Use four bags of post mix to set posts in the ground, one bag for each post.

  3. Attach top rail to inside of cedar posts 40 inches from ground level using closed brackets. Use 3 inch x 1/4 inch lag screws to attach rail bracket to cedar post.

  4. Attach bottom rail to outside of cedar post 26 inches from ground level using open brackets so rails can be removed. Use 3 inch by ¼ inch lag screws to attach rail brackets to the post. Be sure to use two washers between rail and post. This will make removing rail easier.

  5. Attach front brace 29 inches from ground level. Use 3 inch by ¼ inch lag screws through the 2x4 into outside of cedar post. When attached cover with heavy foam padding using duct tape.

  6. Wrap lower part of front posts with heavy foam using duct tape.

  7. Put cleats on outside of front post 6 inches down from top rail. Attach neck cinch using 12 inch rope on both ends of the cinch. Tie rope to cleat on one end. This cinch will be used over the llama’s neck to keep it from jumping up when in the chute. Be sure to put the cinch under the rail across the llamas neck and secure on the opposite side cleat by doing a figure eight around the cleat. Do not tie this side as you will want to undo it quickly in the event you need to get the llama out of the chute.

  8. Put cinch hooks on outside of top rail. Put three hooks on each rail. Measure 12 inches back from cedar posts and put the first hook. Place the second one 12 inches back from the first hook. Place the third one 6 inches back from the second one. This will allow you to place the cinches under different sized llamas.

  9. Attach your heavy chain to the cinch using carabineers. Put the chain over the hook. You will be able to adjust the length just by moving up or down the chain length. The cinches will crisscross under the llamas’ belly.

  10. You may need to get a welder to make your head rest. Center it 10 ½ inches out from front post.

chute seen from the rear

chute seen from the side


  • 4 each, 6 foot cedar posts

  • 4 each, 5 foot 2x4  (for side rails)

  • 1 20-inch 2x4 (for front brace)

  • 4 closed 2x4 metal brackets (for top rail)

  • 4 open 2x4 metal brackets (for bottom rail)

  • 6 metal hooks (for cinches on top rail)

  • 2 metal cleats (for neck cinch)

  • 4 bags of post mix (cedar posts must be set in concrete)

  • 32  3-inch x1/4 inch lag screws (for side rails, front brace and cleats)

  • 16 1-½ x1/4 inch lag screws (for cinch hooks)

  • 4  12-inch lengths of heavy chain  (Put one piece of chain on end of each cinch with a carabineer. Make sure chain links are wide enough to slide over cinch hooks.)

  • 3 cinches (two crisscross under belly one goes across llama's neck)

  • 8 washers

Note:  You will need to get a welder to make your  head piece.