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September 2019

9/1  baxter commented that there is no point in discussing adoption until folks have filled out an application.  Until they go through the process many think rescue means free but there is a $200 adoption fee.

9/15  Roberta has agreed to the job of acknowledging donations, gifts or material items.  Everyone should be sure to give her the donor name, address, amount and date as you receive donations so she can do her  job.  baxter will forward information of online donations and has added Roberta to the volunteer list.

9/25  4 llamas in Texas have found a new home just over an hour away with help from an experienced llama owner who will be a mentor. This surrender/new home is worth celebrating.

9/25  Transport is needed for 2 males from Kerrville, TX to Tularosa, NM or at least part of the way.

9/27  SELR passed along a message from an alpaca person in Washington who does a lot of private rescue/rehoming.  She has 2 people looking to adopt llamas but can't find any.  Both have recently lost llamas due to old age and would like replacements.

9/29  Lynda updated us on her activities for the month:
- New intake on 9/7 of Tina a Female, ~ 400 lbs and likely between 5 and 10 years old from New Mexico and bought a year ago in Texas from an ad in the thrifty nickel. No history. She is residing at Llamas del Sol and Lynda Liptak is working on halter training.
- Lynda is talking with a gal in New Mexico about llama adoption and  care. She is interested in adopting Tina.
- Three females from Phase 2 of the big Colorado rescue were halter trained and adopted out to Utah on Sept 1 are now named Winkin, Blinkin and Nod. I think they need to have SWLR registration numbers. Adoption fee for them was $150 each.
- Two males from Phase 2 of the big Colorado rescue were halter trained and adopted out to New Mexico on 9/27 and named Larry and Tony.  I think they need to have SWLR registration numbers. Adopt fee for them was $200 each. These were the last of the that herd at Lynda's place - everyone trained and adopted out.
- New intake of a male about 20 years old ~275 lbs from New Mexico on 9/28 needs a SWLR registration number. His name is Chewbacca (Chewy) and is at Llamas del Sol.
- Lynda talked to a gal in Colorado who will be surrendering 7 llamas -all descendants of her original two male female pairs that she is keeping. She will provide transport and agreed to the $150 per llama surrender fee. They will be transported to Albuquerque, NM at Llamas del Sol with their vet records.
- I missed the opportunity to submit in August that Lynda and volunteers of Llamas del Sol took llamas to the Albuquerque Lavender Festival to promote SWLR and interest in llama adoption/foster. It went very well and generated some interest -one new recruit I met is Jodi who was a llama judge/handler/raiser in the 80s and 90s and has returned as a volunteer at Llamas del Sol. She is excellent help with her background and remembers many of the old guard including Betsy Bell. She has been helping me with pickups, handling, and training. I would like to add her as a member - she doesn't do Fb.