Adopting and Fostering Llamas and Alpacas

to surrender a llama or alpaca see here

Llamas/alpacas are usually available in New Mexico or Texas but that can vary and circumstances can change quickly. All SWLR lamas are placed with a non-breeding contract.  SWLR does not adopt out single lamas unless you already have one or more.  Prior to placement, the adoptee must meet SWLR requirements and submit the adoptee forms.  SWLR can help with transport for an additional donation. If an adoptee can no longer care for their SWLR lamas, the lamas must be returned to the care of SWLR.

Please review the facilities check list,  complete an adoption application, and send the completed application to SWLR. An adoption coordinator will contact you about the availability of llamas/alpacas and the current adoption fees. A ranch check will be done by a SWLR member prior to placing lamas.

You can adopt, foster, or sponsor lamas. SWLR does have elderly lamas that are "retired" and are in need of a sponsor.

Contact your Adoption Coordinator for current adoption fees.  Llamas are very strongly herd oriented, and they often develop close friendships with other lamas. Whenever possible, we try to adopt out llamas in their "family" groups. We have been known to make exceptions, but unless you already have one or more llamas, we never adopt one out or send it to foster care by itself.


Contact SWLR to discuss your interests.
Review the Facility Requirements and Required Llama Care documents.
Locate and talk with a llama veterinarian in your area.
Print the Adoption Application and Adoption Agreement (available in Adoption/Foster packet). 

Email to:
or mail the completed forms to:
184 Hoofbeat Trail
Kerrville, TX 78028

An SWLR representative will contact you to arrange a facility check. Download the facilities checklist. Transportation issues may also be discussed at this time. (That is sometimes the most logistically difficult to arrange. If you can provide transport, please let us know.)

Pay the adoption fee and take your llama home!


We are in need of new foster homes in all our SWLR states. We also need sanctuaries for those llamas that are unadoptable due to age, health or behavioral issues. 

Fostering is a long term commitment of your time and talent and requires experience.  You need to be able to train and have the facility setup to train llamas/alpacas that may not have had enough positive interaction with handlers.

If you can help, please contact us! To foster a llama (or at least two if you don't already have llamas), the process is the same as for adoption, except you don't have to pay an adoption fee.