12/10  The bumper stickers are ready to be sent to SWLR supporters, along with some volunteer business cards.  Please reply with your mailing address and we'll get them to you soon.  Thank you for your support and love of llamas.

12/21  Pat shared her her new address, phone and email contacts with the group.

12/22  baxter shared her heartfelt wishes for everyone:
The volunteers with Southwest Llama Rescue have accomplished so much this year during challenging times. We all have contributed in many ways including thousands of miles to transport llamas, caring for ill and older llamas, farm checks, placing in approved homes, fostering, fundraising, thanking donors, record keeping, sanctuary & foster farm maintenance, training of sometimes very resistant llamas, attending fairs, farm tours, training of volunteers, maintenance of housing for volunteers, keeping the public informed by posting on facebook & Instagram, emails to volunteers. WHEW!

My heart is filled with warmth when I think about all the compassionate, good-hearted, thoughtful, charitable volunteers in our volunteer "village" and the llamas/alpacas we have helped this past year and the past 20 plus years.

Wishing you healthy, loving, holidays and year ahead.

12/30  Nina wondered if anyone knew of any llama ranches around the wildfire area near Boulder and Superior Colorado and do they need any assistance.  Lynda contacted one she knows of near Boulder and they are OK and watching closely. They are about 7 miles north of the fire. The winds are going the other direction from them. If they need help she has helpers ready within a few miles from them to assist and with a place the llamas and alpacas can go to in Longmont CO.    No one knew of others and Amanda said it looks like the fires are moving so rapidly there is no time for anything but opening the gates and running the other way as fast as you can.  People who were held up in traffic found their homes burned to the ground by the time they walked home.


11/1  Llamas were in attendance at the TX Fleece & Fiber Festival this past weekend. Photos were shared of two retired packers. The geldings have down pasterns so there was some cushioning in the corral. Alforjas were made by a volunteer in llama rescue.
An attendee reported on Facebook, "I had the opportunity to visit and learn about the Southwest Llama Rescue in Kerrville during the Texas Fleece and Fiber Festival this weekend. The staff who work with these animals have hearts of gold and truly give these beautiful hard working animals the care and respite deserved for serving the rancher.  If you have a volunteer heart this is the place to donate or serve."

11/3  The bumper stickers are ready!  L' L'illette is working on membership but as a volunteer you can have some mailed to you for your vehicle or trailer.  How many would you like?
Two designs.  No logo.  Yellow background with blue line and red lettering.
Top line says Southwest Llama
second line says either:
Design 1)
Design 2)
volunteering for the love of llamas & alpacas

11/4  Can we make a donation towards the cost?  Yes, please.  Cost is about $2 each depending on how many are mailed.  ($1/sticker plus envelope plus stamps to mail.)  Any donation would be wonderful.  PayPal from website works or whatever is easy for you.

11/6  SWLR has a WAITING list of applications from folks wanting llamas/alpacas. At least 4 of the homes have lone llamas or alpacas and need companions. Some had older llamas that died, others have a rescued single llama or alpaca.
Requests from Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, other states. Most are in Texas which has small towns on the other side of the world from baxter. <g>
Some will travel a distance to pick up llamas/alpacas. Some borrow trailers, some do not have transport at all. Some have camelid experience or other livestock, some are brand new to livestock. Small acreage to very large acreage. Folks want pets, companion animals, 4-H, therapy quality, fiber animals, or guards. Large ranches usually are looking for guards for their other livestock. SWLR does not place animals with those who want to breed.

11/12  What would you be willing to do to raise funds for rescue?  Would each of you commit to being active in one fundraising activity?
Lots of ideas floating around but what SWLR needs is action.  Here are a few ideas:  ETSY store with items that a percent goes to SWLR, take llamas to fairs or events & collect donations for rescue or ask for a donation, ask each of the llama or alpaca associations to add an amount to the member dues to support rescue.  What can you do?

11/16  7 llamas were placed in new homes this past week.  3 were a previous surrender, 4 were from a foster farm.  Llamas were placed in pre-screened homes in Colorado and Texas.  The adoptions take a lot of coordination and represent many volunteer hours to care for the llamas and prepare them for adoptions.  Transport was also done by a volunteer.  Thanks to all who helped make these adoptions happen.
Special thanks to Lynda who so graciously parted with llamas that she rescued, handled and loved.
Adoptions can happen as circumstances change quickly. Please submit an application if you are considering adoption or fostering.

11/21  Is anyone willing to be the fundraising chair and recruit a few people to be on a committee for fundraising?

11/23  Thanks to all of you who designate Southwest Llama Rescue as the charity on your Amazon Smile purchases.  SWLR received $107.60 this quarter.  When you use, a small percentage goes to Southwest Llama Rescue if SWLR is your designated charity.

11/25  Jennifer introduced herself to us:  I am a new volunteer. I will be working on Facebook and Instagram, mainly posting and raising awareness for SWLR though Instagram posts and hashtags.  People love seeing llamas and the visuals will go a long way.   If you could send me some pictures and/or video with success stories, rescues and actually anything you have on the llamas you have with you now.  Funny photos, sweet photos, transporting, even the difficulty in rescuing.   Anything really! I visited Lynda this past weekend and have some great pictures of her group to share as well.  I haltered Carl!  (picture below)   You can send the pictures and videos directly to me at    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

11/26  Amanda shared a funny picture to a llama holding a teacup.

11/27  Lynda shared a video of Buck  who is sounding the guardian alarm at some neighborhood dogs.  Way to go Buck!

11/27  Rosemary shared a fundraising idea.
On the subject of fundraising have you considered becoming a host for Harvest Hosts Baxter?  All you need to do is provide a space for RV's to park for one night (no hookups are necessary).  In exchange for the parking the guests are asked to support your store by a purchase (suggested amount is $20 but most of our guests spend a lot more).  I don't know if you have items available for sale but you would need to have something, however you could also put out a donation box.  We have a box in our store for donations toward the feed and care of the alpacas and a lot of our guests will make a donation as well as a purchase.  Our guests love to help out with feeding, chores etc.   Perhaps you could offer a "walk a llama" option for a set fee or donation.
It may not be something you are set up to do or have the time for.  The guests can be time consuming because many are on vacation and so have available time, however we have met some wonderful people and made some great connections through Harvest Hosts.  I know there are other rescue organizations who have set themselves up as hosts for Harvest Hosts.
I just wanted to throw the idea out there for you.  Harvest Hosts guests have pretty much kept us going through the pandemic and have been more profitable for us than doing our Open Houses.  The RV industry is booming still and many people have rediscovered RV's as a way to travel and spend family time together.  There is also a growing community of full time RV'ers.
Here is the Harvest Hosts website if you want to learn more.  If you need more information then let me know.

11/27  Nina questioned the value of a Harvest Host event:How does this benefit a non-profit? People with an RV park on your property. There is no cost to them to do so because they pay Harvest Hosts company a subscription fee. To accommodate these guests, you have to be home, not employed, stop your ranch duties, and assume liability of strangers on your property during a highly contagious pandemic? For 24 hours, maybe they would give you a donation if requested or maybe not?    Lets say Baxter stopped her ranch work, gave a tour…oh and the clean up prior and after…8 hours of her time. To help Baxter when she wasn’t doing her usual routine, she had to hire someone, it would cost her $20 x 8 = $160, then add liability insurance, etc. Would this be a fundraiser?
If baxter charged $500/RV for overnight stay, plus $60/tour, plus sells cups of treats to feed llamas, plus….then it raises funds.
Maybe for people who have “stores”,  might like to place a donation box there or have a percentage of sales go to SWLR??  After all it is a tax donation.
There is a large group of volunteers on this list. What can YOU do to bring funds to SWLR?  Everyone gets the letters to donate to the humane society, youth, church, police, political, wildlife, etc.  They ask if you can send $25, $50, $100 or more. And you probably do.  When it comes to llama rescue, do you do the same?  The llamas that you love so much and have part of your life?  Or do you say, I don’t have any money?  I know each and every one of you can spare a dollar. When you go to the market, do you need that bag of chips? That carton of ice cream? Do you need to supersize those fries? Need to buy a 16 ounce coffee with whipped cream and speckles?  Put aside those dollars, and send a check to SWLR. As a bonus, you can write it off with a tax deduction. Can’t do that with a mocha latte grande. If you’re employed, have your employer match your donation.
Fund raising and raising funds starts with each of us. Do it alone or together.  Do it for the llamas in need.  Just look at their beautiful faces and soulful eyes.  You know they thank you for caring.

11/28  After some discussion it was decided Harvest Hosts was not a good fit for SWLR.

11/28-29 Volunteers converged on the Kerrville sanctuary for a llama training day.

11/30  This is Giving Tuesday.  Please think of SWLR today.

11/30  baxter reported:

On Giving Tuesday we are putting the spotlight on sweet Junior  #Giving Tuesday

*Warning-Graphic Photos*

Junior came to us with no training, but he has a sweet temperament. One morning after a major thunderstorm, we noted Junior’s eye leaking a yellowish fluid. When we examined him, it was very clear that his left eye had been seriously injured. We do have trees, but do not know what he may have encountered during the storm. We immediately arranged for a vet to examine Junior. The vet determined that there was no possibility of repairing the eye and recommended its removal.

Junior handled the lengthy surgery well, though requiring additional vet visits. Eventually, the eye healed, and Junior has adapted to his new one-eyed vision of the world around him. Even with these trials, Junior is a gentle boy, smart and adaptable, as are most llamas.

Donations are always appreciated, please visit to donate today!

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10/14  Several recommendations to improve the Information for New Owners document resulted in its revision.    There was also a discussion of the benefits vs. problems of supplying mineral blocks vs. loose minerals.  The new text is printed below.

Info for New Owners
General llama/alpaca information

Talk to your mentor or nearby llama/alpaca owners for their recommendations for your particular setup.
There are several good websites with llama information that are maintained by either the rescue groups or llama owners. and are two of the rescue group websites.
There are clinics and materials available from gentle trainers such as Cathy Spalding (Gentle Spirit), and Marty McGee Bennet (Camelidynamics.)  An internet search will show some of the information available by these gentle trainers as well as equipment to help with the training such as halters, leads.
RMLA Rocky Mountain Llama & Alpaca Association
SCLA South Central Llama Association (mostly Texas)
LANA Llama Association of North America
Llama/alpaca halters/leads from a llama/alpaca supplier or trainer (horse halters do not fit and are too heavy). Some suppliers are- Quality Llama Products, Useful Llama Items, Rocky Mountain Llamas, Camelid Dynamics by Marty McGee-Bennett, and Sopris.
List of shearers are available on the SCLA website for Texas. Shear once per year usually.
Loose minerals are preferred and are available from Stillwater Minerals. Salt and mineral block is minimal.
There are several active facebook groups related to llamas, alpacas, and rescue. SWLR has one that is for volunteers.
There is a facebook group devoted to Llama Training and Care to join for info. Also a national (international really) listserve of llama owners called llama-info. The list has lots of very experienced and new llama owners. To subscribe visit or, via email, send a message with subject or body 'help' to
The book Caring for Llamas & Alpacas by Claire Hoffman DVM is recommended. Dr Evans has a Field Guide for Llamas and Alpacas that is very good also.

Volunteers for Southwest Llama Rescue, see website for current contact information.
email is:

FILENAME Resources general new owners.doc        version: October 2021

10/15  Nina is working on education materials so the short info sheet will be replaced.  Nina is more thorough and her information will be more complete.
Please send you favorite new owner tips to Nina or post here so she can read them.

10/20  A file titled "resources newbies 10 2021" was uploaded to the group.

10/21  Llama/alpaca items will be on display at the Texas Fleece and Fiber event.  There will also be classes.  The festival will be held Oct. 29-31 in Kerrville, TX.

10/26  Nina suggested:
For those who are employed or who have family/friends employed, check with your employer if they have a Matching Gift Program for making donations to non-profit organizations.  It can make a difference if your money can be doubled or tripled. It reflects well on you and your employer. Some employers have a volunteer grant program where they pay the non-profit for your volunteer hours. The money goes to the non-profit, not you.  With upcoming shopping and holidays, if you order thru Amazon use Amazon Smile and name SWLR.  It doesn’t cost you anything and brings in money for SWLR.  Thanks
10/26  A file titled /Forms or Files to Share/Resources general new owners.doc has been uploaded to the group.
10/26  A file titled /ID & & PR materials/trifold backSW4.doc has been uploaded to the group.


9/16  The Amazon Smile donation of $85.06 was received on 8/16.

9/20  A family north of Dallas, TX has a single female llama after the companion llama died.  They are looking for 1 or 2 female llamas.

9/20  A woman near Midland, TX has a single llama after her 2nd female llama companion died.  She is looking for a single llama that might be good for community outreach as she walks the neighborhood and visits nursing homes with her llama.

9/21  A family near Austin, TX wants a llama to use for therapy but we do not currently have any llamas available.  baxter referred her to a llama ranch.

9/21  The resource handout was uploaded to the files area in the folder that has forms, files to share.  Please share with any new llama/alpaca owners.  The text is reprinted below.

Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc.
Info for New Owners

Remove halters on arrival. Please purchase X type or cross type halters, usually size L for adult llamas. Lead ropes need a light clip similar to a dog lead. The proper fit for halters is extremely important as it effects their breathing.

Setup a catch area (10 by 10 minimum) with feed and water that is the only place for water for a while. This will train the llamas to come into your catch area. Provide salt block & mineral block near the water as llamas suck on blocks and need a wet mouth. Loose minerals such as Stillwater Minerals or Cache La Poudre Minerals are recommended which are available online.

Browse is first choice, then quality grass hay and some alfalfa. Treats are all stock sweet feed or llama feed pellets. Some llamas like carrots, melons, apples, other treats but each is different. Do check pastures for toxic plants that are known to be toxic to livestock (such as Datura aka jimson weed, choke cherry, some milkweeds). Check with the extension agent for local toxic plant info.

General llama/alpaca information

•    Talk to your mentor or nearby llama/alpaca owners for their recommendations for your particular setup.
•    There are several good websites with llama information that are maintained by either the rescue groups or llama owners., are two of the rescue group websites.
•    There are associations for llamas/alpacas that are worth joining just to get the free library use. The library includes videos by trainers such as Bobra Goldsmith, Cathy Spalding (Gentle Spirit), and Marty McGee Bennet (Camelidynamics.) An internet search will show some of the information available by these gentle trainers as well as equipment to help with the training such as halters, leads.
•    RMLA Rocky Mountain Llama & Alpaca Association
•    SCLA South Central Llama Association (mostly Texas)
•    LANA Llama Association of North America
•    Llama/alpaca halters/leads from a llama/alpaca supplier or trainer (horse halters do not fit and are too heavy). Some suppliers are- Quality Llama Products, Useful Llama Items, Rocky Mountain Llamas, Camelid Dynamics by Marty McGee-Bennett, and Sopris.
•    List of shearers are available on the SCLA website for Texas. Shear once per year usually.
•    Loose minerals are preferred and are available from Stillwater Minerals. Salt and mineral block is minimal.
•    There are several active facebook groups related to llamas, alpacas, and rescue. SWLR has one that is for volunteers. Ask about that one if you are interested.
•    There is a facebook group devoted to Llama Training and Care to join for info. Also a national (international really) listserve of llama owners called llama-info. The list has lots of very experienced and new llama owners. To subscribe via the World Wide Web, visit or, via email, send a message with subject or body 'help' to
•    The book Caring for Llamas & Alpacas by Claire Hoffman DVM is worth the price and available from Rocky Mountain Llama Association at their website. This book used to be included in adoptions and is highly recommended. Dr Fowler has a field guide for llamas and alpacas that is very good also.
Volunteers for Southwest Llama Rescue, see website for current contact information.
email is:

9/21  The fall issue of the RMLA Journal is out and it's jam packed with articles by Lynda Liptak, Robin Benton and Susi Huelsmeyer-Sinaly who are SWLR rescuers extraordinaire.  SWLR ad is on page 5.  baxter is a member of RMLA, SCLA and LANA.  She wonders what associations you recommend?  Do you have the energy, talent to submit an article or even a short write-up to your associations' editor?  You are part of the village that it takes to help SWLR continue to help llamas/alpacas.


8/3  Rosemary received a call regarding some llamas that appear to have been abandoned/turned loose in Levelland, Texas.  She contacted the Hockley County Sheriff's Office and learned that the llamas have stayed in the local area since December, 2020.  Some reports indicate 3 llamas, others just 2.  Efforts have been made to catch them but they are in a large unfenced area with lots of grazing.  If they can be caught, they would have to be held as strays for 30 days before being released to a rescue or school.  It might be possible for a rescue to hold them for the waiting period.  Rosemary is looking for advice on how to proceed.
Nina suggested taking a bucket to catch rain/put water in, set up a catch pen and stock it with llama treats, hay and water, bring llamas to entice the llamas to come closer, leave a trailer with llamas in the front and the back door open, especially if these are males and females are in the trailer, find a local llama group/association.
baxter said SWLR can help and she will continue with Rosemary off list.

8/3  Alaska Llamas posted to facebook that the Alaska BLM is proposing to restrict the use of pack llamas in the Eastern Interior Resource Management Area based on a perceived disease threat to wild sheep.  Read the details at Comments to the BLM are helpful.

8/11  Nancy H. posted a photo of the successful result of her first llama birth.

8/21  Alpacas sold for $375 to $600, llamas for $450 to $800 at a local exotic auction today in Harper, Texas.  Top price was for females, some were registered, some needed shearing, some were crias.  At the same auction last month, some llamas sold for$1000 and were purchased by what appeared to be ranchers and families. baxter talked briefly to the seller who was insistent that the crias went with their dams.

8/25  baxter is looking for someone to take over ordering, receiving ad mailing out to SWLR bumper stickers.  Costs would be reimbursed.

8/29  Hurricane Ida is hitting Louisiana.  Sign up with disaster response or a facebook site if you have resources to share.

8/29  The bumper sticker has 2 lines.  First reads Southwest Llama, then below it reads
volunteers caring for llamas & alpacas
adopt, foster, sponsor llamas & alpacas
volunteers helping llamas & alpacas
what would be your slogan?

Amanda suggested Sourcing adoption, fostering & caring for camelids.
L'illette suggested adopt - foster - sponsor which was seconded by Ellen and Roberta thought was perfect.
Nina had several suggestions:  Adopt Foster Mentor Donate or Adopt Foster Educate Donate and if there is room, add Sponsor.  If there's only room for 3 words, drop Donate.  She also wondered about them as opposed to an ad in various camelid publications.
Susi suggested Finding homes for Llamas & Alpacas.

8/30  Good folks who rescued animals has lost the companion to a single alpaca female and they are looking for a replacement pet. Are any single or two alpacas anywhere nearby?


7/11  baxter modified the group description to something similar to what SELR has done with their support group.  I would like the email list group to include fosters & adopters as well as volunteers. It would be good to give support to the new owners of llamas from SWLR and hear some happy ending stories as well.

The name & title will stay the same for now because of repercussions that I may not be aware of at this point. Unchanged name is  SWLR-Volunteers.

New descriptions is:
"A private list set up for communications among the volunteers/fosters/adopters of Southwest Llama Rescue (SWLR). By replying to, members can send the same message to everyone on SWLR's volunteer/fosters/adopters list."

Will you invite others that are fosters/adopters and give them support if needed? There are about 30 people on this email list. Please help to expand our email list to give support to other llama caretakers.

7/18  baxter asked about a new update to facebook groups that allows people to post to public groups without approval.  Public group admins have started changing the groups to Private to alleviate this issue. Private but still visible. Folks have to join to post.  Are you an admin or moderator on any of the rehome groups? What say you about this issue?
Jerry said unless it changed in the last day or so, he still has to approve all posts. If free reign does happen, he believes we will still have the option to delete posts. Maybe a hair more work but we still have control over all, but especially, the bone head posters.

7/21  Joy reported an inquiry from someone in Humboldt County who has 5 alpacas and wants to add a guard llama.  does anyone have a candidate for him?

7/23  Nancy H. is looking for advice or encouragement regarding two pregnant fosters she has.  She has no experience with baby llamas.
baxter's tips were
* Handle the cria a few minutes each day. Touch the cria all over. Everywhere. Try to be business like which is very hard. Then release the cria back to the dam & herd.
* Keep any training short and end positive such as putting on a halter then let the cria back with the dam & herd.
* When ready to do some lead training, halter the dam & lead her also if possible.  Use firm commands such as "walk on", "stand", but be light as possible on the lead rope. Use the action "please & thank you" for "slight tug, then release" as soon as the cria takes a step. I have occasionally had to use other methods for older untrained youngsters that wanted to buck, but you are starting with them as crias.
*Crias are smart and learn quickly (3 times is often the charm).
* Crias like their buddies with them so if you have more than one cria, it helps to walk them together.

I watched Bobra Goldsmith videos available to borrow from RMLA library and attended Marty McGee Bennett workshops and have her book Camelid Dynamics. Marty has support online as well.

You are wonderful for taking on this important fostering.

7/25  Chela at Stillpointe needs help finding homes for a 3-year old completely untrained female and a very nice 20-year old intact male in Washington.
Janice sent her a text.
Nina wondered about Olympic Peninsula Alpaca and Llama Rescue in Washington.  They were prepared to take in the So Cal group. Between heat, wildfires and gas prices, transportation difficult.
But Chela is looking for forever homes, not necessarily a rescue.

7/29  A grandmother & her grandkids visited the Kerrville Sanctuary. L'illette lead the tour and she and baxter let the grandkids lead a couple of the friendly old females. The visitors were there for maybe 3 hours.  baxter wishes she had taken pictures but no time. They did wear masks even though outdoors. This will be the last visitors until COVID settles down again as there has been a recent spike in the virus in the county.
Stay safe out there everyone. Wear masks, wash hands, whatever it takes.
Nina reminded us that we all need to be vaccinated as a matter of public safety.

7/30 baxter reported that the sweetest old female died today of natural causes. Coco came to us when her owners sold their dairy farm and no longer needed Coco's caring for the calves. Coco will be missed here.

7/31  Lynda posted a newspaper article about a llama needing a new home which prompted baxter to suggest that everyone visit their local animal control to let them know that SWLR exists and will help with any llamas or alpacas that come in to their shelter.  What do you need to give them?  Business cards?
Nancy H. said a business card or flyer would be helpful.  She'll stop by Corrales’ animal control and the Albuquerque Westside.
L'illette suggested coordinators and/or volunteers could disseminate an SWLR-standardized "how to/what not to" document via email, brochure/pamphlet, or some other route. Many years ago, the now-defunct IRC created a document suitable for sending to animal control departments, vet clinics, non-camelid animal rescues, etc.: Catching and Handling Llamas and Alpacas. She's reviewing the document and will update the resource contacts; might also need other updates or additions.
Roberta told us "my local shelter has a register and I'm on it. They’ve never had a llama surrendered or taken from owners, at least since I’ve had llamas. And my vet knows I could take an additional llama or 2. She actually referred a new llama owner to me several years ago, just to provide 'moral support'.  There aren’t many llamas left in my area any more; the fad died out pretty quickly here."
On 8/1 Joy said It might also be helpful to educate the shelters a bit about llamas. That article is full of misinformation and Lynda agreed.


6/1  New member Nancy H. told us she has 8 llamas, 3 of which are fosters from Pagosa Springs and 2 are pregnant with unknown due dates.  Their arrival is eagerly awaited.

6/2  Nina gave Nancy H. a quick tutorial to help her get ready:
The book: “Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care” by Smith, Timm, and Long is a great book to have. It was written in 1996 and has great information. I don’t know if there was a 2nd edition since. I strongly recommend this book.  Do you know of anyone local with experience with pregnant llamas, crias? Do you have a local llama vet?  Usually llamas will deliver in morning hours and are problem free. But It is not always that way especially when you have no history on these llamas. I kept a ready to go delivery bucket in the barn filled with everything I would need so I could grab it and run. You can get a cloth  gardeners/handyman’s tool pockets that you place in/outside the bucket. On the inside I  place your sheets/ towels, halter/lead, flashlight, bulky items. On the outside pockets, I place a bottle of Nolvasan, dipping container for umbilical cord, thermometer, vetwrap, gloves, hand cleaner, KY jelly, phone #’s. Don’t forget your phone and the book for reference and a watch.  There are various video’s to watch on births that would be worth watching in preparation. If there are any courses/clinics on birthing,  take them.  Have a clean, quiet stall ready for mom and cria ready for night time so that they can bond, no one steals the colostrum, Mom gets extra nutrition and water without going far. I only put them in at night but have them out during the day for cria to run and play, the herd to welcome the new one and not stress the mom.   Check new mom that teats have milk, wax off ends, cria actually nursing off teats and not on skin.  Vulva will elongate prior to pending birth.  Make sure placenta passes after birth and in one piece. Do not pull placenta out.  A vet can do a ultrasound of your females and determine approximately how far along pregnancies are.
baxter added:
Also, very important after birth to have mom in sunlight as cria looks for dark spot to find the teats. Occasionally, I have had to move cria out in sunlight and mom will follow. Mostly, hands off, let mom alone unless problem is noted. Look always for NOSE & TOES first during birth but look from a distance. Most births are mid day.  I watch for nursing, and peeing and pooping (after the hard turd has passed). Occasionally, a child's enema is needed for the hard turd. I keep fleet enema in my kit.
L'illette added:
After cutting and/or tying off the umbilical cord (dental floss works), apply Betadine or similar, repeating several times first few days.

6/4  The adoption fee is updated to $275 with adjustments made for additional llamas or alpacas or special circumstances.  Transport is still paid by the adopter if the adopter does not pick up the llamas directly from the forster farm or sanctuary.

6/7  2 sets of llama packing panniers are available.  At least on set is Flaming Star.  Contact Pat Little if interested.

6/7  baxter posted video to Facebook showing Floki walking unassisted without the cast on his front leg.  He's still a little unsure but it will strengthen every day.  Time out of the cast will start slow with it put back on for periods of stability.

6/13 Lynda posted pictures to Facebook of a roundup resulting in to trailer loads of llamas that will get sheared and new homes.

6/19 $91 was received this quarter from

6/20  Pat is gifting several beautiful hand made paper-mache llamas.  The tallest is about 7 ft.  Pick up in New Mexico.

6/22  Network for good sent $423 from several anonymous donations.  It will be used for feed, vet bills and transport.

6/28  A picture was posted of mom and her cria of unknown age with a question about when to wean.  The answer was that she looked to be as much as a year old and further information was given about possible shearing and the need for other llamas for company.

6/29  3 beautiful older female llamas were surrendered today.  They were delivered by their owners who donated $500 towards their care.  They have been loved and well taken care of by the owners who are downsizing to a smaller property with no room for llamas.


5/1  Volunteers are needed in Truth or Consequences, NM to help clean up a property that was left to SWLR.  Pat and ET are going but a team effort is needed.  A volunteer was quickly found to stay on the property for the week and will help any day volunteers.  Very grateful.

5/1  Please use the as the email address given for SWLR. The yahoo address will be retired as yahoo quit forwarding and is just fading away in their support.  Let baxter know if you see references to the yahoo email or other email as it is a process to change all the references.

5/6  Alpacas needing help in Corrales, NM. Meghan A. working on it with Lynda Liptak.  Meghan wants to be a volunteer with SWLR and lives in El Paso. Meghan has driven to Corrales & picked up two female alpacas but there are more.  Welcome Meghan to this private email at for volunteers. She has been invited to join this group.  She is also on the Texas Rehome group.

5/8  Youtube video of Lady Gaga & Taylor Swift being sheared. Elizabeth adopted these two llamas and is thoughtful enough to send some updates.

5/13  Lynda would like to know if anyone has given rattlesnake vaccine to llamas.
L'illette reported losing a couple of alpacas and winning the battle a couple of times in northeast CA but did not vaccinate because of the cost and questionable efficacy of the vaccine.  She says death by rattlesnake is a horrible way for a camelid to die, and the recovery process, even if they survive, is really hard on them.
Susan said, "
I did the rattlesnake vaccine for my dog. I have had two llamas get snakebit in the head. I can imagine that they put their head down to look at it or down around some brush when they got struck. One llama’s head swelled up like a watermelon and I took him to the vet. They gave him iv liquids/anti-inflammatory and antihistamines. The vet kept him for nearly a week as a show tell more than anything. There was a bull there with a snake bite too and he died. The vet said Will was a better patient. Get this-vet charged less to doctor Will than it cost for the dog’s annual vaccinations and rattlesnake shot.

"A female got bit during the week and when we saw her up close the bite had scabbed over. We scrubbed it and cleaned it. The hair sluffed off but she was fine.

"My damn cats being them home dead. The snakes have already been bad here. We’re clearing land and have come across three dens already we didn’t know were there. We’ve killed all we can and kept all the four-legged ones out while we’re working.

"I know people around here get the vaccine for their horses. The shot here is well over $100. So I don’t know what you do!"

5/18  L'illette developed a survey to assist in matching current and future projects with all the volunteers skills, experience and interests to best create rewarding experiences in llama rescue.  The survey can be found at

5/24  baxter wants to know what software system you use to keep health records for your lamas.  Free?  With only 3 llamas, Roberta just keeps all her vet paperwork filed by llama name.

5/24  Is anyone familiar with

5/30 Welcome Nancy H. who is fostering llamas for SWLR and has adopted llamas also.


4/6  It was a successful shearing day at the Kerrville Sanctuary.  All were sheared and vaccinated and wormed and some treated for lice.  Pictures will be posted on the Facebook page.

4/9  Star & Trigga (female llamas) left for their new home yesterday. All went well and they are settling in with 2 other female llamas that were adopted from SWLR years ago. Nice folks and green pastures. The other folks have Marisol and Betsy Bell (yes, named after Betsy Bell, SWLR board member). Both those llamas are the sweetest llamas imaginable and are making friends with the new arrivals.

4/17  At the Harper, TX exotic livestock auction today April 17, 2021, llamas and alpacas were being auctioned for $500 to $1000 each. Females & crias were the highest bid, males second, and geldings at $500. The Texas ranchers were paying more for breeding llamas.

4/20  Southwest Llama Rescue (SWLR) urgently needs a part-time volunteer to manage a fiber project to raise funds to support the rescue of llamas and alpacas.
As the Fundraising Project Coordinator, you would find and coordinate a small group of local Kerrville-area volunteers who will be needle- and hand-felting items from our own llama and alpaca wool, and you would market the items to support llama/alpaca rescue. You can be located anywhere that you can communicate with the local volunteers and the SWLR Board members.
For more information, contact baxter at 830-928-6348 or L'illette at 720-839-0787; or email or

4/25  baxter uploaded to the Files area of the a resource list for new adopters.

4/26  >From Facebook post by Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary
March 1
The devastating storm in Texas has taken a toll on animal rescuers. Dog Tales is helping dozens of shelters and rescues in Texas with the help of Tia from Villalobos Rescue Center providing different grants to help with relief of the storm.
Niki, an SWLR volunteer, applied for a grant to help the SWLR sanctuary recover from the storm. Money and time was spent clearing tree damage, putting blankets on cold lamas, running heat lamps, and recovering from the loss of power. Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary sent SWLR a donation to help with the extra expenses.

4/29  A gelding arrived at the Kerrville Sanctuary this evening. The gelding was surrendered by a woman who was moving to another state and could not take her llama. It was 300 miles one way for SWLR to transport, and all was done safely thanks to 2 volunteers who went on the trip. He needs shearing & fecals & vaccinations but appears healthy. More details once known.

4/30  Cindy (Whitman) Cherry, Truth or Consequences, NM passed away recently. She had been in failing health for a while.
Cindy adopted Rhett Butler and Barack OLlama (yes that is his name but she called him Rocky) from SWLR. Rhett and Barack are retired to the sanctuary in Texas. Cindy specified in her will that the llamas would come back to SWLR.
Pat & ET Little are in T or C helping with details of her passing.

4/30  baxter brought up the subject of animal care upon death of the owner.  She wants to update the addendum to her will and would like to know how others are handling the issue.
Deb Logan shared a document regarding estate planning that had been reviewed by an attorney.  The SELR document has been uploaded to the Files area on


3/6  On Facebook baxter shared a picture of a llama enjoying a good scratch on a road clean brush mounted vertically on a post.

3/11  baxter reported that two surrendered males were picked up and taken to a foster farm to be gelded and vetted.  Nike (NF asks if this is this a typo that should read Niki?) logged 900 miles on this transport.
Niki and L'illette picked up an ill month old cria with a fractured front leg and took him to a foster home with other llamas for companions and a hoist and warm barn.  Over 250 miles were logged.
The llamas were cared for through extreme cold and snow storms with power and water outages.  Some llamas were made more comfortable with coats and shelters modified to block wind.
Slow progress was made training a couple of the west TX females.

3/16  SWLR received $107 from Amazon Smile for the quarter.  Please spread the word to have your friends designate SWLR as their charity when using Amazon Smile.

3/19  Nina is looking for people to join her on a fundraising committee to help raise money for SWLR.  SWLR is 100% volunteer run but donations are not sufficient to pay for expenses which are primarily for vet care and feed.

3/19  6 llama herdmates left Kerrville for their adopted home.  The family has kids and acreage.
On 3/29 baxter shared a note and pictures from the family:
Those are my ladies and Ditto, the young male who resembles his mother!  He has grown quite a bit it looks like.  I’m so glad they will be together in their new home.  It’s no wonder they are so closely bonded after all this herd has experienced.  Reading the article and seeing the pictures made me cry, happily because obviously I myself was quite attached to the matriarch and her family.  The boys that are still here behave much differently than when the ladies were here.  They spread out more in smaller groups more of the time.  There is so much territory it is not very easy to count them and I think there may only be 21 here now.  When winter finally backs off and the mud dries I will be able to go out and be amongst them and get a better idea of how many there really are.

3/20  Niki and L'illette brought in two geldings that may be 10 or more years old.  baxter removed some of the matted, burr-filled wool.  The boys have some leg issues.  More will be known about their health once fecals are run.  They are not halter/lead trained.

3/20  Four llamas went to their new home today.  It was a good, safe trip.

3/24  An unknown donor sent a $66 donation through Network for Good.

3/26  SWLR has an Instagram account. Would anyone please be the owner/moderator for the account?  baxter will gladly let it go as she knows nothing about Instagram. Someone who likes to post pictures of llamas/alpacas would be ideal. You can pm her or email which is the SWLR new email address.

3/27  Lynda wrote an article in the current RMLA Journal

3/29  baxter mentioned how helpful Marty McGee Bennett's Camelid Dynamics clinics are and encouraged volunteers to attend or watch her tapes and read her book.  She also mentioned Cathy Spalding and her Gentle Spirit training.  What is your favorite trainer or method?


2/12  Lynda reported the adoption of Hazel, Blackberry and Holly to a family in Albuquerque. 

2/12  baxter has her hands full caring for the llamas in subfreezing weather with ice freezing gates and creating slippery roadways.

2/13  Rosemary is expecting it to hit her area tonight and has already done what she can to prepare.  Roberta is expecting the bad weather to reach her starting Sunday night.  She is preparing as best she can.

2/14  Pat has received about 5 inches of snow that melts as it continues to snow.  She is having to improvise because they don't have winter gear.  Routine chores are taking much longer than normal.

2/19  baxter has electricity and water with a boil order.  Niki and L'illette are helping to haul warm water to the llamas and the shivering ones are wearing coats.  A warming trend is forecast.

2/20  baxter has completed the year end reports for the government.  The following is a summary of the work done by volunteers throughout the year:
"In 2020, over 10,000 hours were donated by volunteers to accomplish rescue and care, feeding, medical care, and transportation (over 10,000 miles) of over 100 llamas/alpacas. Over 50 llamas/alpacas were placed in permanent homes, or re-homed, or into permanent foster care. Over 40 llamas/alpacas are in temporary foster care. Area of rescue included most states in the western US."
The board members & directors this year are Pat Little, FE Baxter, L'illette Vasquez, Nina Pedersen, Ellen Jackson, and Lynda Liptak.
Thanks goes to all the board members for serving this year.
Thanks also to the past board members who served last year, namely Cheryl Bradley and Rosemary Metcalf.

2/20  Pat said life has returned to normal with the day forecast to reach 64 and the snow is almost gone.
Susan said her old llamas and the ones from west Texas all met her at the gate each day for extra feed.  She had to haul water because they wouldn't drink after the ice was cut to them.

2/25  baxter posted a photo of a moveable sling for alpacas.  It's 56" tall, 37" wide 60" long, is made from pipe and has casters so the alpaca can walk around while safely held up.


1/1  The domain name & hosting for the website was just renewed for another year.

1/12  baxter noted that the new issue of the Rocky Mountain Llama and Alpaca Association Journal is filled with great articles and an SWLR ad on page 5.  The ad was designed by Ron Hinds and Kathy Stanko.  Consider writing articles or buying an ad to show your support.

1/12  Is there someone willing to take on being the owner/moderator for the SWLR Instagram account?

1/15  baxter told us:
SWLR reports to state and federal to maintain SWLR 501(c)3 status. This includes expenditures by category such as feed, vet, transport and volunteer hours. I have started compiling the expenditures and statistics in order to total in January for reporting purposes. Those reports include some statement such as this:
Care, feeding, medical care, and transportation (over 7,000 miles) for over 100 llamas/alpacas were provided in (year). Area of rescue included most states west of the Mississippi including Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, California, Wyoming,
Would each of you give me an estimate of some activities related to SWLR rescue of llamas/alpacas such as
1) miles traveled with transporting
2) how many llamas/alpacas were rehomed with your networking (not the same as adoptions)
3) how many llamas/alpacas were brought into rescue & fostered with you
4) how many llamas/alpacas were adopted into new homes from your facility
5) estimate of hours volunteered with SWLR during the year (can be a weekly estimate or total for the year)
which includes time spent talking to owners, emailing, research, posting on Facebook
6) estimate of donated expenses that were not reimbursed by SWLR (items bought for fosters?)
7) what states were involved such as Idaho, Utah, including your own facility location

As treasurer, I can put together the expenses by category but the rest of the info really needs to come from each of you. You can send it directly to me instead of posting on this email list.

1/15  Email baxter if you want a letter of tax donation for in-kind or monetary donations.  Letters are due by January 31st.

1/18  Someone on Facebook asked what you can do with a llama.  The only answer was a great video of a llama being driven down a country road.  It was followed by a video of two llamas pulling carts.

1/22  FYI
For tax deduction purposes from "14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations, the rate is set by statute and remains unchanged from 2020" "Taxpayers always have the option of calculating the actual costs of using their vehicle rather than using the standard mileage rates."

1/30 SWLR received a check from Network for Good for $130.00. It is an anonymous donation. Thanks to those who sign up for this charity for SWLR.