December 2018

12/1  Ellen Jackson offered to update the registry of animals rescued this year.  The registry is important for both inclusion in donation thank you letters and IRS reporting.

12/3  Baxter shared some care and handling tips:
* Put the water tub on gravel or a rough concrete pad or some rough exposed concrete pavers so the llama has to walk on it to drink. Small gravel gets in between the toes so it is better if it is larger than pea gravel.
* There is a calming shot that can be given to the llama. Some call it "llama lullaby". Injection is given by the veterinarian.
* Some use a dish towel over the eyes tucked into the halter.
* A chute with belly straps and shoulder straps.
* Hire a professional farrier.
* Desensitize the llama using a set of long wands by Marty McGee Bennett to desensitize legs, feet, and training. It is a way to touch the llama but stay out of their flight zone. (The Camelid Companion book)
* Clicker training or food reward training is a positive approach. There are some youtube videos on clicker training.
* Rescue Remedy is a homeopathic-like flower essence that is used for calming. Frequent is better than a lot. Search on "rescue remedy alpacas" to read of experiences using this Bach Flower essence.

I also have a 13 plus rescue llama that has not been touched much and had his halter left on for years.

You are not alone. There are lots of llama/alpacas that are resistant to toenail trimming. The llama associations such as RMLA or LANA have videos to check out that are free once you join. There are also a couple of email groups that discuss general alpaca/llama behavior such as Alpacasite.

You are obviously a caring person to take in this rescue llama and to care about how he is treated.

12/3  ET Little's plans for a llama restraint chute:
A functioning chute, aside from being a huge help. It's not too difficult to build your own!


Build your chute inside a barn or shelter so it can be used anytime. It protects your chute and you in bad weather especially rain, wind and hot sun.

    Dig four holes, 18 inches deep, for posts .
- Front posts are spaced 14 inches apart (inside diameter).
- Back posts are spaced 26 inches apart (inside diameter).
- Front posts to back posts is 53 inches (inside diameter).

Use four bags of post mix to set posts in the ground, one bag for each post.

Attach top rail to inside of cedar posts 40 inches from ground level using closed brackets. Use 3 inch x 1/4 inch lag screws to attach rail bracket to cedar post.

Attach bottom rail to outside of cedar post 26 inches from ground level using open brackets so rails can be removed. Use 3 inch by ¼ inch lag screws to attach rail brackets to the post. Be sure to use two washers between rail and post. This will make removing rail easier.

Attach front brace 29 inches from ground level. Use 3 inch by ¼ inch lag screws through the 2x4 into outside of cedar post. When attached cover with heavy foam padding using duct tape.

Wrap lower part of front posts with heavy foam using duct tape.

Put cleats on outside of front post 6 inches down from top rail. Attach neck cinch using 12 inch rope on both ends of the cinch. Tie rope to cleat on one end. This cinch will be used over the llama’s neck to keep it from jumping up when in the chute. Be sure to put the cinch under the rail across the llamas neck and secure on the opposite side cleat by doing a figure eight around the cleat. Do not tie this side as you will want to undo it quickly in the event you need to get the llama out of the chute.

Put cinch hooks on outside of top rail. Put three hooks on each rail. Measure 12 inches back from cedar posts and put the first hook. Place the second one 12 inches back from the first hook. Place the third one 6 inches back from the second one. This will allow you to place the cinches under different sized llamas.

Attach your heavy chain to the cinch using carabineers. Put the chain over the hook. You will be able to adjust the length just by moving up or down the chain length. The cinches will crisscross under the llamas’ belly.

You may need to get a welder to make your head rest. Center it 10 ½ inches out from front post.

12/9  A female llama was surrendered this weekend, SWLR 503, from Los Lunas. Thanks to Lynda for picking up this lone llama.

12/15  Baxter inquired about a fundraising group called Flipcause.  It was determined that it is not an appropriate venue for SWLR.

12/18  Baxter called for a report from everyone of the approximate number of hours volunteered over the year for IRS reporting.

12/28  Baxter is looking for foster or permanent adoption homes due to a major influx of rescues.

November 2018

11/15  There is an urgent need for foster homes for 15 llamas near Trinidad, CO.  The property is up for auction.  The current owner has a stock trailer and may be able to assist with transport and is still providing food and water.  They are hopeful that the llamas will find good homes.

11/17  A nearby ranch was found for the Trinidad llamas.  Another rescue may be imminent in Utah.

11/25  baxter called for a volunteer to keep a total count of how many SWLR llamas are currently being fostered and where.  Other needs are:
someone to keep a total of how many lamas were surrendered this year, their SWLR number and is added to the registry
someone to count or estimate how many lamas were re-homed this year
someone to update the rehome registry and keep it up to date
someone to collect all surrender or adoption agreements, scan them and upload to the files area

11/26  L'illette alerted us to a possible bad breeder in East Texas.

11/30  Lynda reported that she adopted out 3 llamas in Elizabeth, CO and rescued 8 in Jefferson, CO.  She also upoaded several documents on to go with the surrender and adoptions.

October 2018

10/3 Baxter reported that most of the llamas (20 plus) were rescued this past weekend. Final count and the rest of the llamas will come later. The rescue included a donkey, ewe, and alpaca.  Several people took part, including but not all,  Pat & ET, Lynda Liptak, Gayle Woodsum, Kent Greentree, 2 volunteers with TLAER, plus family members. The rescue was not easy but very necessary. It is an adventurous story to come later once all the animals are picked up.
The motel invoice & hay so far amounted to about $1100. The Sheriff's department helped with the vet expense. All expenses have not been reported yet. The males will need gelding & fighting teeth cut & microchipped. The females are most likely pregnant. Thank goodness there have been donations to cover such a needed rescue.
Thank goodness all the participants have had safe travels. Kudos to all involved.

10/5 Betsy Bell's last llama died.  Records indicate Epona was born in 1990 which would make her 28.  Baxter had reported to us that she had been up and down with help for a few weeks.

10/5 Jonna Johnson, from Magnolia, near Houston helped with the latest rescue near Fairplay.  She is with Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue.
Jerry Kimbro, El Dorado Honey, from Shingle Springs, CA is a long time llama owner and involved with rescue.
Karl Niemann, Berthoud, CO is a long time llama owner and involved with rescue.
All 3 have been added to our email list and 2 more were added on 10/6:
Ellen Jackson, Kerrville, TX, is a long time volunteer and new SWLR Board member.
Mandy Woodbury is a llama rescuer/owner near Como, CO.

10/7 Pat, ET, Jonna, Jake, Kent, Gayle and Lynda with 3 trailers rounded up a total of 28 animals near Fairplay/Jefferson Colorado. 1 alpaca, 1 donkey, 26 llamas on Sept 28 & 29 & 30. 11 intact males went to Pat & ET's place. 11 llamas went to baxter's place.  Donkey, alpaca, 5 females went to Gayle's place.  Expenses for this rescue, which is not complete, were paid by donations from others or by donations of those who helped with the rescue. Some volunteers donated their gas as well as their time.  More llamas need to be picked up.  It is snowing in Colorado high country already.

10/12 Aaron, Chandler, Ellen, June, & baxter loaded the older female alpacas into the trailer this am. After a long trip (Aaron & Chandler drove), the alpacas were unloaded into a beautiful pasture that is their retirement home. All are well & safe. The trailer is currently stuck in the mud at the new home to be moved hopefully tomorrow. Texas has had a lot of rain lately.

10/24 Pat received a post about a llama who has been wandering loose for months in the Lewis Lake area of Yellowstone.  Susi Hulsmeyer-Sinay is in the area and will call Park Service.  She quickly reported that the owner has a trekking business leasing his llamas for trekking in the park.  The owner made an attempt to catch the llama but abandoned him when capture was unsuccessful.  He has been loose since August.  Park roads will close for the winter on November 5 and the llama will not survive.  Susi moved at light speed and we heard on 10/29 that the llama has been caught and now belongs to Susi.  She has changed his name to Lewis.  We later learned that 4 humans and 3 carefully selected llamas set out Sunday morning, October 28 with all the necessary gear to stay for a couple of days.  They quickly found the llama on the other side of a body of water and decided to return to camp, loaded up the llamas and drove to a nearby trailhead and set out again with the llamas.  After about a mile, they were rewarded by the llama approaching them at speed.  He shortly decided to follow the humans, llamas and rattling of a grain bucket.  He fell into step and followed all back to the trailer, just like a regular pack trip.  After a quick inspection of the unfamiliar trailer he jumped right in with his new llama buddies.  Everyone was home by 10 PM.  Susi is now treating him for a cheek abscess which is looking much better.  The previous owner has transferred ownership to Susi.

10/31 Lynda reported that she has rehomed 3 llamas from the Denkai animal rescue and the male from Laguna has been gelded and rehomed with another gelding to another couple.

September 2018

9/2  Baxter reported the death of Zoe, #407, who along with her daughter Coco, #406, were both 21 plus years old.  They are both sponsor llamas.

9/3  Pat provided a status report:
Clayton NM Update
Two yearling males were transported to Walsenburg CO. where they will  begin their training to be packers. Their trainer is Kent Greentree.  They have been adopted and the adoption fee is being sent.
Herdsire Macho,  9 years old, will be gelded this week so he can be adopted with his "wife" who is also 9 years old. We are looking for an adopter for this pair.   They are at Pat's.  Macho's gelding fee was about $150.
We have four females and two male crias at our facility  in Ruidoso. The females are all likely pregnant.
Working on a plan to send pregnant females to Kerrville TX maternity ward with midwife, Baxter.
The remaining males, Parker included, will likely go to Colorado to be trained as packers,  pending confirmation.
3 females remain in Clayton for pick up.

A herd of 30-40 llamas in the Fairplay, CO area are awaiting rescue.  The elderly owner is hospitalized and will not return home due to advanced age and poor health.  A plan is being devised.

13 white female alpacas, (#436-448) were picked up in Bennett for delivery to our Kerrville Facility before moving to their forever home in Bartonville.

9/4  Baxter is dealing with a sick llama, calls about a blind llama, emails from volunteers and is involved in transport and treasurer duties.  The owner of the blind llama is in OK and has had llamas for 16 years.  She was already doing everything her vet and Baxter recommended.  She was hoping for an alternative to euthanasia.  Is there a sanctuary with a big barn or stalls where the llama could live out her life with care.  Any ideas?  Staying in a familiar place seems the best answer and Susi Huelsmeyer-Sinay suggested a consultation with Dr. Robert Callan at Colorado State.

9/11  SWLR is paying Dr.Franklin Vet Clinic $441.18 for Dixie who is living with Simone.  Simone reported that the abscess has ruptured and is being flushed.  She is finally putting weight on it though it won't be her last time with an infection as the rough edges of the bone will continue to slough.

9/15. Lynda spoke at length with a woman about llama care-taking.

9/19  A woman in Berthoud, CO is downsizing and needs to find a home for her 2 female llamas who are sisters and about 12 years old.

9/19  Lynda showed two llamas at Southwest Child Care Center in Albuquerque to pre-school kids.  As a state funded program, Lynda volunteered to do a llama education and outreach.

The woman who asked for assistance with a stray male llamas she took has decided to keep him now that she has had him gelded and Nails, shots and teeth done.

9/21  Mika, #451, had a male cria this week, Miguel, #463.  Both needed a trip to the Franklin Vet Clinic and are now at Cheryl's.  The bill was about $380 for both.  Mika is underweight.  Cheryl reported that Mika is producing more and more milk.  Hopefully Miguel's supplementation with goat milk will only be needed for a couple more days.

9/25  Baxter is closing out a CD financed by late Rinda Metz's donation to be used for long term care of her llamas that is paying only 1.5% and is due to renew next year.  She has found another at Pentagon Federal Credit Union paying 3.0% over 5 years.  The interest penalty will be paid back within a few months.

9/25  Baxter continues to care for the old llamas plus some possible pregnant ones and a male youngster and one gelding.  The youngster, Parker, has been halter & lead trained and will be moved as soon as transport can be arranged.
The alpacas are resting before transport to their forever home.  Transport expected Oct. 12.  Fecals were clean and only another couple still need to have their toenails trimmed.  None are trained.
Repairs continued on the trailer donated by Rinda Metz.  It has required some rust removal, painting, hole repair, new tires & bearings packed and new lights.  Volunteers helped with much of it.  It should be ready now.

9/26  Baxter told us the Fall issue of the RMLA Journal has many articles that are not to be missed.  SWLR has an ad on page 9.

9/27  A SWLR Team along with a crew out of Houston, Texas is leaving tomorrow to attempt to rescue 35-40 llamas in Jefferson, CO.  

9/28  The woman in Berthoud has changed her mind about downsizing.

August 2018

8/1 A man with goats from near Sacramento, CA called Llama Linda looking for a guard llama.  No one with a candidate was close enough to help.

8/4 Lynda Liptak has 3 sound healthy femals in Albuquerque looking for a home.

8/4 Joy Pedroni has a couple of homes looking for females or geldings.

8/4 Nina Pedersen has many people looking for guards in Northern CA, Bay Area.

8/6 Lynda reported about a stay male in Bennet Colorado by Stephanie Halmes. She says he is well behaved and she got him gelded, shots, teeth, and toes done on August 29. She would like to find him a home - he is ready to be moved now. She very generously covered his vet bills. He sounds like an excellent llama. His picture attached.

8/11  Baxter would like to find a way for SWLR to have an 800 number that could be forwarded to others as needed.  Nina noted that 800 numbers were for the time when everyone had landlines and the owner of the number is charged for every call.  May be more efficient to have a voice mail that states “press 1 if…, Press 2 if you need immediate call back within 24 hours regarding a rescue”, “ press 3, if…” , if this is a life threatening emergency contact your local sheriff or animal control, etc.  Then have some one monitor lines.

8/11 Lynda had kept in contact with a woman in Laguna NM about two loose llamas- male and female who are difficult to catch. She was trying to get them into her yard but it is not all fenced. She sent several pictures and said the female was ready to be picked up and had a rope on
her neck. Lynda went out to assess the situation and try to pick up the female.   But when she got there the llama was loose and would not be corralled. The male was tied with three feet of wire to the back of a trailer and could not reach water, had no food, and was standing in pallets having to defecate there. He was wearing a loose horse halter with an attached 25' or 30' rope. He was living with several small piglets and some very large pigs among a lot of trash and food waste. Lynda decided to go onto the property and untie the 3' wire, remove the horse halter,and gave him a new llama halter and retied the rope (about 1/2" thick) to (a loose-ish square knot). The intent was that if the owners returned within a day they could take care of him properly with the new halter. She gave her business card to their friend and neighbor. If they did not return, the llama would likely loosen the knot enough to become free. She gave him water (there was none) and grain in a bucket. He was very underweight.

8/14 Help with fostering, etc. is needed in Clayton, NM near the OK border.  Let Pat know if you can help.

8/15 A man in Cedaredge, CO needs to surrender 8 llamas and 5 alpacas due to drought causing a lack of grazing and he is concerned about feeding them.  His sister sent pictures to Lynda.

8/15 A couple in Elizabeth CO would like to adopt llamas and are getting their facility ready. They are interested in the three Denkali llamas at Lynda's in Albuquerque who need a home. A facility check has been arranged.

8/16 Baxter reported that SWLR has earned a $25.91 donation from the AmazonSmile Foundation from activity between April 1 and June 30,2018.  Susan suggested that we also look into iGive.  

8/16 From Olympic Peninsula Llama/Alpaca Rescue:
A mother llama and her baby have been abandoned in Wilamette Valley, OR and need to be rescued. No rescues are returning her calls.
Sherri Tallmon responded that she spoke to the lady and someone is coming to get them.

8/18 Pat summarized the active rescues in progress:

Laguna Pueblo NM
1 Male 1 Female
Loose trying to contain for pick up

Bennet CO.
13 Alpacas
Awaiting transport to new home in Texas

Clayton NM Rance
12 Llamas
6 females  6 males All Classics
Owner transporting today to Cheryl's in Ruidoso NM for sorting.
Will be available for adoption soon
Lynda had previously received pictures of the llamas before Pat took on the job.

8/19 9 of the 12 Clayton llamas have arrived safe at Tulstansell Ranch in Ruidoso.  3 females excaped over the fence and will be picked up later.

8/19 Baxter summarized her situations:

11 foster llamas here.
All are sheared, vaccinated. Some still need more toenail trimming as it was pretty traumatic for the real old ones. Youngster that came in is healed. Parker is still nursing. 3 females that came with him are in need of training and it is undetermined if they are pregnant.

Gus, the gelding from a retired goat farm, is a sweetheart but has some unusual behavior (rushing to greet people). He likes visitors who bring carrots. His behavior has improved with being around other llamas as he was a lone guard for 13 yrs or more.

There was a scare with one of the old dairy farm llamas, Zoe. She did not get up on her own. I propped her with hay bales, gave her lots of water, & later she rallied. That was last week. I expect her to be 23 plus years old. She is thin and does not gain weight even with equine senior supplement.

The other old llamas here are doing OK. Epona, the last of Betsy Bell's llamas, manages to get around quite well considering her age. Roxy, from one of our La Luz canyon rescues, has downed pasterns and a crooked leg but manages to come up and down the hill daily. Her toenails need clipping often as she does not walk a lot. I try to trim them every few months. Big Sister came in grossly overweight and is looking better.

A sprinkler runs a couple of times a day and baby pools are out for them as well as lots of shade trees and a breeze most of the time. Supplements daily along with hay in addition to pasture.

Admin activities:
Current on all checks for reimbursement or expenses. Current on all required state, federal reporting. Almost caught up with treasurer quarterly reports. New llamas have been added to registry. Some updates still pending on registry.  Answered emails sent to and sent to folks that could help. Usually 10 or so a month. Responded to some facebook messages and sent info to folks that could help. Reviewed some proposed updates to the website. Nothing finalized.
Answered requests for info from two potential sources of donations.

8/21 Baxter told us about previously taking some rescue llamas to the fair where she solicited people interested in adopting or fostering llamas or helping in other ways.  Other things done at fairs include:
* blank coloring pages with llamas on them for the kids ( printed from the sites such as:
* a list of info on llamas written for kids/parents that also included "what do you do with a llama"
* demonstration of needle felting with wool available & supplies to try felting (Sandy would be felting llama shaped ornaments as a demo)
* aprons & tote bags for sale that had a llama printed on them (I bought plain ones and ironed on photos)
* bags of llama beans with sheets that tell the NPK info. We also collected donations for the beans to help the local park fund as well as SWLR.
* kibble or baby carrots for the kids to feed the llamas (with instruction first of course)
* farm banner that had farm name and "foster farm for Southwest Llama Rescue, Inc" on it
* brochures / business cards /
* camera & sign up with email for where to send the digital photos
* alforja on a llama with halter/lead for folks to walk around and also take their own pictures
* large tri fold display (36") with llama pictures & captions about their rescue, some photos of volunteers & activities with llamas. The display was tied to a leg of the canopy to keep it from blowing away.
* llama stuffed toys for sale that I bought from Douglas Toy company
* Is Your Mama a Llama books for sale that I bought wholesale
* raffle of a toy llama
* raffle of a "lunch with llama walk"
* packets of llama shaped cookies for gifts for a donation (volunteer made the cookies)
* shearing demo

8/29 Lynda was featured in a KRQE TV report about beloved CO llamas struggling to adjust to new NM life.

8/30 Baxter is looking for someone with a large trailer to help with the transport of llamas or alpacas out of Colorado.

8/31  Barbara Welch, Karen Conyngham and Nancy Viviani sent some halter, a few leads, lactation herbs and some miscellaneous equipment to SWLR.  Baxter sent them a letter and an email.

8/31 L'illette still has lots of folks wanting guardian llamas in NE CA.  Nina reminded us that she also has lots of requests for guard llamas in the Sonoma/Napa CA area.

July 2018

7/5/18  The roaming female llama with the pony halter hanging around her neck is still around and seems to be surviving well.

7/4 A woman in Oak Hills California contacted Lynda about adopting llamas.

7/8  A couple in Elizabeth, CO sent Lynda an application for adoption.

7/9  3 female llamas, all over 20, left Cortez, CO for Lynda's facility in Albuquerque.  They were transported by a volunteer for Denkei Sanctuary in Eden, CO where they had been cared for while waiting for cooler weather.  Lynda hopes they will be there long enough for her to shear and trim their nails.  She reports that none act like they are 20 but they are shy.  After their rest in NM they will move to Cheryl's place in Ruidoso where they will rest again before the final leg of the trip down to our female sanctuary in Kerville, TX where they will live out their lives in peace.

7/13  Lynda helped with an article for the Summit Daily News about 2 llamas, Carlos #433 and Sambra #434 relocating to NM.  Sambra showed some borderline aggressive behavior and so Brioni who Carlos had bonded with was substituted in the adoption.  Sambra went back to Albuquerque where Channel 13 KRQE wanted an tnterview with him to tell his story.  It was aired on the 10 PM news on July 30.  Sambra was transported to Questa to join Stuart Wild's herd on 7/26.

7/13  The Sunnyvale Sheriffs office in Texas reported that six llamas were seized by animal control.  They are contained on 23 acres and have not been handled.  Best guess is there are four females and two males.  It is not clear now how this situation will develop.  Baxter is available to pick them up after the 22nd.  Nina may have a placement for them on a 200 acre goat ranch along the California coast.

7/19 13 alpacas in Colorado are awaiting cooler weather before being transported to New Mexico the first week in October.

7/??  Lynda Liptak hosted 20 3rd graders from Horizons Elementary School for the second annual free field trip to learn about llamas where they got to pet, feed and walk llamas and have all their questions answered.

7/??  Lynda was contacted by a woman in Dalhart, Texas who is looking for a shearer.  Lynda was not able to help her find one.

7/??  A woman near Ft. Worth, TX contacted Lynda about adopting a companion for her llama who needs shearing.

7/??  Lynda talked with a woman near Bennett, CO who took in a stray intact male llama who was trying to gain access to her two female llamas.  She coached the woman on keeping him contained and suggested gelding him.  The woman is going to work on it.

June 2018

6/1/18  A woman in Grass Valley, CA wants to rescue 2 to 3 llamas and another in Dallas is looking for a llama to guard against coyotes.

6/9  A woman in Elgin Texas wants to learn about fostering for SWLR

6/10  A couple who adopted 2 mother-daughter pairs are looking for 2 more to replace the 2 oldest who have died.

6/10 Baxter's neighbor has offered the use of her 4 acres of pasture for SWLR's use.

6/23  Baxter reported that transports are on hold.  The CA llama has evaded volunteers but it is still in progress. Also, the Greeley llama that is loose and one more loose llama in NM are on hold or in progress. The TX llamas on the large property have yet to be caught. The alpacas have a home lined up and transport is being arranged hopefully. The 3 old female llamas in southwest CO will be transported once the weather is cooperating.  There has been an offer to help with llamas in CA. Also, I have two homes waiting for llamas near here (for guard llamas) which I don't have right now. The injured cria that came here is all healed & still nursing.  Lynda reported that the NM llama has been rehomed.

6/23  Nina Pedersen says the CA llama is still thriving in the wilderness though grass and water may soon be in short supply while predators are looking for food.  Nina also has lots of contacts from people looking for guard llamas.  (Baxter says the CA llama she referenced was one of a  pair and the other has been caught.  Is this the evasive one?)

6/23  Karen Conyngham of SCLA has offered to send 3 halters/leads to anyone if needed. Baxter will have her send them to her if no one speaks up quickly.  Susi Huelsmeyer-Sinay of Yellowstone Llamas also has a few halters to donate.

6/24  Lynda has 2 15-year old geldings, Carlos and Sombra, are arriving shortly and who will be needing a home.  A family has scheduled a visit to decide on adoption.  The man surrendering the llamas also donated two original Sopris pack saddles, some blankets to wrap llamas in for cold weather and electric clippers that Lynda will hang on to.  His 2-horse trailer is for sale for $2500.

6/26  A woman in Craig, CO is looking for a guard llama to replace theirs who was recently injured.

6/26  Lynda contacted a man who wants some llamas in Santa Fe, NM.
She tried to help a woman in Los Lunas whose cria was attacked during birth.  Vet care interrupted bonding and the cria has died despite Lynda's offers to visit to help.
A woman who had asked for Lynda's help in placing 2 geldings reported that they have gone to a good home and will learn to be packers.
A man who had applied for llamas has found a herd on his own and is not needing our assistance.

6/26 Stewart Wild reports that Noname and Cuzco are doing well though Cuzco still needs his own pen.

4/17/18 - 5/31/18

4/17/18 Help is needed with a loose llama that is sort of between LA and Las Vegas but north.  Pat is working on it.  No one was found to help who was near enough.

4/22 Baxter visited a livestock auction in Harper, TX where 6 llamas were sold.  The highest price was $575.

4/23 A couple in Jemez Springs have a potential home for an older female alpaca.

4/29 Lynda Liptak is picking up Margaret Nessmann llamas Baby & Moo Moo #419, and delivering them to Janice Zink in Norwood, CO.

4/29  Lynda Liptak transferred llama Traveler #408, a ready-to-train pack llama, to Fiona Caruthers, a happy SWLR advocate.  Son Alex was able to walk Traveler around.

4/29  Lynda Liptak reported that Stewart is now the caretaker of Noname #414 and Cuzco #417. He is a good llama person and Lynda expects that Cuzco will quickly learn manners. Noname looked at home and happy to have 30 brothers and sisters. Stewart lives on the route to Lynda’s home town so she is excited that she will get to see these llamas on her passes through.

4/29  Lynda Liptak reported that her attempts to catch Chiquita failed for now.  Local folks had tried to catch her and she had become very leary of being caught.  A solid plan was devised and Lynda will be back.

5/3  Tashia Butterfield announced the availability of 22-year old Zoe #407 and her 18-year old daughter Cocoa for sponsorship.

5/6  Laura & Paul McNamara donated a small (2 horse) trailer to SWLR.  Their llamas went to Pat Little as the McNamaras are retiring.

5/6  2 llamas in Kennedy Meadows, Tulare County, CA were abandoned by their owners.  They have been loose for a long time.  One has been contained and is ready for pick up.  The other is still loose and has a halter entangled in her wool.  Volunteers are willing to assist and hold them for SWLR.  Their shearer is nearby and will try to use the contained llama as a draw for the female to get her into a corral or barn.  Other efforts to find more help were unsuccessful.

5/12  Efforts are underway for find placement for 13 white female alpacas ages 11 to 17 years old.  They have been well cared for but time is short.

5/13  Lynda Liptak took two llamas to the National Alliance for Mental Illness in Albuquerque where they made many people happy. 5/14  There is an abandoned llama in Greeley, CO.  Pat Little and Lynda Liptak will be working on this.

5/14  Someone inquired about a rescue llama or two in the Kennewick, WA area.

5/17  Barbara Welch donated a box of used halters and leads.  Baxter has them and will share as needed.

5/19  Adoption fees & surrender fees as of 2013: (note that the fees are waived in certain circumstances) Person or persons adopting a Llama from SWLR will pay $150 for each Llama. Three or more llamas will be charged $100 per llama. Person or persons surrendering Llamas to SWLR will pay $150 intake fee for each llama. Surrenderer will provide transport when possible or pay for fuel cost for the transport. That said the Board retains the ability to make decisions contrary to policy when it is in the best interest and welfare of certain Rescue situations. SWLR Policy shall not endanger the lives of any Llama needing Rescue nor should SWLR ever deny any Llama safe refuge.

5/23  Baxter posted:  I use when I order. Thanks to those of you who do that also. SWLr received $32 from Amazon for 1st quarter 2018. Network for Good is another buying charity. SWLR receives periodic $20 or $25 (recent) anonymous donations.  On 5/31 Baxter updated with a report that thanks to 4 different people SWLR received a $100 check from Network for Good.

5/30  Dave Ferris adopted 4 female llamas from SWLR in 2011. Now they are looking for another llama. It is believed that it has to do with land ag requirements in Texas. Keep this person in mind if a single llama becomes available.